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Association of Inter-Varsity Clubs Meetup Group

The Association of IVCs (AIVC) is a national network of independent social, sports and cultural groups throughout the UK.  The groups exist to provide social, recreational and cultural opportunities for students, graduates professionals and people with similar interests ... and have lots of fun doing it!

There are 40 groups in the UK with a total of around 3,200 members.

All AIVC member groups are voluntary organisations that are run on a not-for-profit basis.

Each IVC Club is organised for their members by their members with support from a local committee elected annually. This allows the people in each club to manage and promote membership of their group in the ways that suit their particular circumstances.

The AIVC (Association of IVC Clubs) is a volunteer committee elected each year at the National AGM of the Association from Officers and observers from the member clubs.

I have been elected to the posts of Vice Chairman and Webmaster for the Association of IVCs.

The AIVC committee exists to provide advice and services to the member clubs and tries to help them co-operate and support each other in an effective manner.
Membership of this group is restricted to committee members of the Intervarsity Clubs in the United Kingdom. Its purpose is the posting and exchange of Inter-Varsity Club National Events between member groups.

If you found this page by accident and are interested in the joining your local Intervarsity Club, a list of all clubs may be found at the Association of IVCs web site (also built using Agoria): 

Those clubs using Meetup may be seen by clicking on `Association of Intervarsity Clubs' on the left of your screen in the 'we're about' pane in the Meetup display. 

The events posted on this Meetup are only open to full (subscription paid) members of Inter-varsity Clubs.

More details about member clubs of the Association may be seen by looking at Clubs Contact List menu option in the Home section of the above web site.

Meetup Bulletin: This feature has been retired due to changes in the Meetup Terms & Conditions of Use.