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ColdFusion CFML Help

The official language help pages for CFML can be found here:

Adobe CFML Docs

Includes tag changes between CFML 5 and 10
PHP Documentation

This is the definitive place to find documentation on PHP.

PHP Net Official Docs (English)

Wordpress Developer Docs

This is the documentation for Wordpress developers:

Wordpress Developer Docs
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Lucee Open Source CFML

This is a group for those interested in the powerful Java based web development platform and dynamic language on the JVM called Lucee (

This meetup will be scheduled as regular as interest and participation allows.

Run by community members that are powering their businesses, startups, enterprises and even personal projects on Lucee as well as seasoned web developers.

We run physical meetups in London but aim to provide a virtual hangout for community members to join in.

Meetup Bulletin: This feature has been retired due to changes in the Meetup Terms & Conditions of Use.