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Meetup ETL (Extract Transform and Load) via RESTful API

This personal interests section of the web site is an example of the use of a ColdFusion based RESTful API custom module built to work with the Social Network application  The module allows Agoria to both read and wriite event details with various groups in the social network.

The main function of the module is to provide Extract Transform and Load (ETL) functionality built into Agoria is to both read event details from Meetup and write event information to the social calendar.

In the case of reading data from, Agoria uses a custom Meetup API module that is designed to EXTRACT event data that is published via the API gateway. The data from can be received from as either XML or JSON formatted text exports as appropriate.

This event data is then TRANSFORMED into a suitable data structure and passed out ready for the relevant Agoria event display module. The display module then takes this structured data and outputs the event information into the common standard of HTML event format that is used throughout the Agoria software. 

The Agoria Meetup API Module is also capable of performing write operations with event details from the Agoria internal private events system to  This is initiated by selecting the "Copy To Meetup" option whenever an event is being added or updated in the Agoria private events system.

In this case, the Meetup API module does its EXTRACT on the internal Agoria event format data. This data is then TRANSFORMED into the appropriate format of XML or JSON text content required by the Meetup API gateway.  Finally this XML or JSON  data is then passed to the API gateway for LOADING as either an update to an existing event or adding a new event into the event calendar.

For more details of the Meetup RESTful API, see the web address below:

The Meetup API provides simple RESTful HTTP and streaming interfaces for exploring and interacting with the Meetup platform from your own applications.